Vendor Trouble Shooting

Big Eagle Enterprises
246 N. Sweetbriar
Lindsay, CA 93247

"Our Vendors are
made in the U.S.A."

Company with a full line of

to meet needs of all car wash operators.


Benefits of our Vending Systems
  • Guaranteed delivery in a glass-front vendor
  • Lexan protection for the window
  • Security (cage) and weather protection all in one
  • Customized set-up for vending items
  • Starter kits of vending products
  • Vandalism protection for the bill validator, changer, display and selection buttons
  • Vendor bolted to cage to install as one unit
  • Credit card readers and processing
  • Vendors with refrigeration units
  • Vendors that can be loaded from inside the equipment room (rearloaded)
  • We put quality first
  • We support our equipment after the purchase
  • Use of the latest technology as it is perfected
  • Warranty policy
    • one year on display
    • three years on electronics
    • three years on refrigeration
    • lifetime on Sensit II devices

The ultimate in car wash vending systems

Features of our Vending Systems
  • Sensit II system for "Guaranteed Delivery to Your Customer"
  • Fully insulated cabinet that allows vendor to operate at very cold temperatures (approximately -30 degrees F)
  • Extra lighting that brightens up the product presentation and helps with outside glare
  • Conlux and Mars validators with steel bezels for increased security
  • A new coin changer from Mars that accepts nickel - $1 coins (both US and Canadian) and is field programmable by the operator for up to (six) 6 different tokens at (six) 6 different values
  • A newly designed stainless mask that covers the control panel and the money handling added security against theft/vandalism
  • The installation of a stainless, Medeco-keyed T-Handle closure for the vendor door
  • A steel security system (Cage), now powder coated, that completely encloses our vendor to protect against theft and/or vandalism
  • The vendor is now bolted to the security structure for better security and easier installation by operators.
  • The e-Port credit card acceptance system in the vendor
  • The ExpressKey system is now available in the vendor
  • The WashCard system is now available in the vendor

Canadian and Australian customers understand that all pricing is in U.S. dollars. Customs, GST, and other import fees are the customer's responsibility.

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