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Vendor Troubleshooting Suggestions

  • We have all learned that computers sometimes get “locked up” for no apparent reason. The control board on your vendor is a “computer” and will get “locked up” once in a while. The first thing to try is to depower your vendor for about 2 minutes and then power it up to see if it goes back to working correctly.

  • This applies to the Conlux or Coinco changers. One of the most common calls we get are from people setting up the vendor for the first time and putting coin into the changer. They put coins into the tubes from inside the vendor door and expect the vendor to “read” how much coin there is available. This does not work. You must put the vendor into “mode” by pushing the yellow button on the control panel, toggle down to “Tube Fill” using the “#” key on the selection pad, and fill the coin changer through the coin slot in the front of the machine. This allows the control board to count the different coins and know that there is enough coin available for making change when bills are accepted.

  • The new Mars 7512i coin changer can be loaded directly into the tubes and then placed in the changer. The changer “reads” the coin in the tubes and tells the control board how much it has for change.

  • The vendor is designed to work with just a coin changer in it and no bill validator. First thing to check is the coin changer to see if the indicator lights are on steady or you see a smiley face on the Mars. If one of the lights on the changer is blinking or you don’t see the smiley face then the changer is not working. If the changer is not working, it will shut the bill validator off so it won’t take bills. This is usually caused by the changer being jammed up. Clear the coin jam or foreign object in the changer. Now look at the bill validator to see if the indicator light is on and steady. If it is blinking then the bill validator usually has a jammed bill or something in the bill path. Check these possibilities and clear.

  • If the above procedures do not make the vendor go back to working, then the Sensit system may not be working properly or only intermittently. Check for something blocking the system or make sure that all the plugs are seated correctly.

  • Those of you with refrigerated vendor need to look at 2 causes for the vendor not getting cold. One is to make sure the screen underneath the vendor is not plugged up with dirt and lint. If the vendor has been working OK for some time, then this might be a cause of the problem. The second thing to do is to disconnect the refrigeration unit plug from the vendor and connect it to an extension cord from some other power source. This will tell you whether or not the unit is good.

  • These are the basic actions to take first before looking for more sophisticated causes of non-operation. To obtain some more detailed troubleshooting ideas to try, click on the website link below to go directly to the manufacturer web site tech services page.


  • If you have lost or misplaced the vendor manuals for your machine, you can download a manual from this site right to your printer. By looking at the serial number of your vendor you can tell if you have a Sensit I or a Sensit II vendor. If your serial number is xxxx-1236-xx or later, your vendor is a Sensit II machine. This change would have happened in 2003. Those of you who have put in Sensit II kits would need Sensit II manuals.

If you still can not get the vendor to operate properly after checking the above fixes, we are still available to help you through these problems when they arise.

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